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Sharing is Caring

20,000 kyats / month

  • max 1000 Orders a day
  • Eco = affordable and shared
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Be Famous

50,000 kyats / month

  • max 3000 Orders a day
  • Unique = Everything with your name.
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The most Technical Power

?? / month

  • Unlimited orders a day .
  • Pyramid = Rivaless Glory.
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Full Cloud Hosting

We are laying on the high rank cloud hosting platform powered by top technical organization. Don't worry about the usage limits, it is absolutely unlimited.

Google SEO

We are expert to Google SEO , can guarantee to rank the top most of google search results by organic SEO, not by paid, get top by zero cost ! . Because we are the big web masters :) .

Fully Redundant

We run over a scalable architecture and redundant infrastructure, you can trust us 99.99% in every second.

Google Analytic

We provide a google analytic to get every specific data of your website at your own screen, you can check how many is online, male or female, from which country or city and what they interested.

Sale / Order System

We programmed a very reliable and intelligent sale and order system. You can get orders from the website 24hr a day.

Cheap but Gold

We are cheap comparing to our competitors because we are standing on your side , the most important to us is to support you to get the most profit by using our affordable product.

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Address : We are at Yankin, Yangon. But we are working from home currently .